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“We must take care of our little brown brothers,” says Left.

Written By: admin - Jun• 21•11

It’s not racism — perish the thought! It is “caretaking.”
Didja know that in Cahleefohrneeah a black child is not allowed to be given the standardized IQ test? Yep, since a 1979 court case where IQ tests were determined to be “racist.” And no one has, in the intervening quarter-century, developed a “less racist” test.
Oh, and what made the standard IQ test “racist” was the needed level of verbal/reading skills to be able to take the test. Black children didn’t have ‘em.
And in order to maintain this status quo, teachers in Worcester mess Mass have removed Shakespeare from the summer reading list and added [sit down] Tupak Shakur.

“We wanted to include books that kids would want to read,” Michael O’Sullivan, a member of the summer reading list selection committee” …”Reading counterculture in schools, and to get kids to read anything that is not completely objectionable, is the goal,” Deputy Superintendent Stephen E. Mills echoed.

Indeed they will keep the “book” on the list because it “heightens awareness ofcharacter education.” [?!?!? -- "popa cap in yo ass - thugs 4evah" exemplary character, eh?]
Tell me how this is not “objectionable:”

How long will they mourn me?do real niggas get to go to heaven ?How long will they mourn me, bury me a muthafuckin ‘G’bitch don’t wanna diethen don’t fuck with meIt’s kinda hard to be optimisticWhen your homies lying dead on the pavement twistedY’all don’t hear me doe, I’m trying hard to make amendsBut I’m losing all my muthafuckin friends (damn)They should’ve shot me when I was bornNow I’m trapped in the muthafuckin’ stormHow long will they mourn me ?

Not long, nigga.
.ThanQ! Michelle Malkin


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