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Time to Speak Up

Written By: admin - Jun• 21•11

Blackfive puts out a call to keyboards in favor of H. R. 4323. The bill provides a mechanism for getting equipment to troops in Iraq in a timely manner — none of this antiquated “hurry up and wait” crappola. They need what they need N.O.W.

Go here and type in “HR 4323″ to read text — it takes a whole minute to read…
Apparently after being passed in the House, despite the best efforts of the Black Caucus, it is hung up in Sen. Warner’s Armed Forces Committee. He claims he has no position as he “hasn’t had time to read it yet.” sheesh.
Time for some phone calls and emails, and maybe a good, old fashioned paper and pen effort, eh?
Congressional Budget Office’s evaluation of the bill
WSJ op-ed piece
Senator Warner’s contact page
Senator Warner’s phone #: (202) 224-2023
Your senator’s contact info here
Points to mention, courtesy of Blackfive:
1. When is the Senator going to read HR 4323?2. When will the Senator push the bill out of committee and on to the Senate floor?3. The bill passed the House by a wide margin of 285-97.4. Ask them to get back to you with answers. Leave a phone number.5. If you are veteran or know military people overseas, let them know that.6. Emphasize the importance of this bill to our troops – RAPIDLY getting much NEEDED equipment into COMBAT zones with NO BUDGETARY IMPACT. It’s a no-brainer.

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