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“Taxes – Yaaa! Growth – Booo,” sez Euros

Written By: admin - Jun• 21•11

Happy Tax Freedom Day, Brits! May 30 is the day you stop working just to support your government and can finally begin to pay for those silly luxuries like your food and shelter. Though, if you join the Euro Zone, their Tax Freedom Day won’t be until June 28… Thanks to President Bush and his “awful tax cuts for the riiiichâ„¢, we Americans have already begun working for ourselves — April 11 04. [earliest in 37 years]

Now on to look at economic growth. America is forecasting a 4.5% growth this year, Briton, 3%, and the Euro Zone just 1.7%. Hmm Wonder if there is any correlation?
Well, at least their mighty government will shade them from the heat this simmer ..uh, summer.
ThanQ! Adam Smith Inst. Blog

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