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Republicans willing to sink Healthcare just to harm Obama

Written By: admin - Jun• 30•12

I understand all politicians want to win the race and keep their jobs, but to put the United States health care at risk in order to do so is bordering on treason!  Health care problems such as obesity have become an epidemic in the US, as this article from WebMD points out.  Now Republicans, instead of jumping on board with supportive initiatives to health care, they see this as a potential “Weapon” they can use against Obama!

Obama’s plan will not only help white middle class Americans to have health care, but it will also ensure Latinos will not be a drag on the system, as so many Republicans complain about.  So why wouldn’t they be supportive of it??  You can see on Latino Times News that most Latinos are in favor of it, and this could be the winning stroke that Obama needed in his favor.

Republicans are fighting tooth and nail – for their jobs!

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