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Written By: admin - Jun• 21•11

This thought began with this post at Dean’s World. It began as a comment and took on a life of its own, having tapped into a well of frustration and aggravation I had only dimly been aware was growing. Go See . . . and c’mon back and yell tell me what you think, m’kaaay?
The term “reaction” with all the snark and innuendo wiped off, describes an action that is more automatic while “respond” describes a more thoughtful deliberate action — in my experience. All this quibbling and emotional squabbling on both right and left is reactionary. No points are considered, no options discussed, no decisions taken — getting us no where fast.
I remember when “liberal” included “open-minded” and “willing to consider other points of view.” Now it seems that the word has been taken over by socialists and the like who are all afraid of the Republican under the bed…
There are so many people about who want to make everyone live like they think is Right; whether it be forcing a burka down your throat, preventing people from doing things because the Bible says they’re are wrong, to having the state make all the child-raising, health and safety decisions. And very few seem to be even aware of the possibility of a discussion between/among people of good will and differing opinions who want to reach an acceptable solution for all. Phrases like “the loyal opposition” garner only blank looks as everyone goes whole hog for the absolute manifestation of exactly their positions and ideas.
Do we hafta force everyone else to live as we think they should because, then, we won’t hafta work to arrange things as we want them to be, ourselves? If I think kids ought to be educated in a certain way, I am perfectly capable of setting up a school that does things my way. It is a lot of work and maybe no one will join me. Maybe I’ll lose money. Maybe my kids will be the only ones who be educated that way. Is that any reason to try to force my way into becoming the way of the state so that everyone else can pay the bills and do the work for me?
What dahell happened to the basic [American] agreement that we all, being of varying beliefs and approaches to Life, want to have the freedom to live as we see fit with little interference from our neighbor?!? The agreement that when we did happen to interfere with our neighbor, we could work it out so that everyone had the room they needed? Where did all this righteousness come from, such that every POV believes itself to be as indisputable as Revealed Knowledge? What about what we could learn from our neighbors’ different views of Life?
Frankly, it’s getting tiresome. Sure, I believe those things I believe for very good reasons — reasons I worked very hard to check, cross-check and recheck until I believed them to be as valid as I could make them, with periodic re-examinations for holes and worn spots and places that have passed their sell-by date… Of course I am sure that I am right. I am also able to contain the possibility, contradictory as it is, that you, in your different opinion, may be right as well. I respect your honesty and dedication to doing just as careful a check and recheck of your beliefs as have I. Just because we didn’t reach the same conclusion only goes to show that Life does have some mystery to it and it is not possible as yet for humans to Know It All. I can live with that.
Is it something in our education system, something in the water, that makes us — world wide — ldecreasingly able to grasp contradictory views simultaneously? I was taught that that is an indicator of a mature and educated mind, the ability to grasp and hold paradoxes. Am I incorrect?
Am I uncommitted — or just plain lazy — that I am unwilling to pick up a cudgel or a gun to force you to live the way I think is right? Am I a selfish boor because the only time I will pick up a gun is when someone tries to force me to live by their beliefs?
I realize that there are currently people in the world who are actively picking up guns to try to force us to live by their beliefs. Still and all, that is no reason to allow them to galvanize US into reacting by polarizing and solidifying our own beliefs so that we lose the one belief that made us the greatest experiment in history — the belief that people of differing approaches to Life can live peacefully together with freedom and respect.

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