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Politicians screw with Student Loan rates for their own Personal Gain

Written By: admin - Jun• 14•12

In this recent article by The Latino Times, it shows that politicians once again are willing to sacrifice the well-being of students to save their own asses.  BOTH sides of the political parties are to blame here for their non-stop finger pointing.  Instead of doing their jobs to work to resolve the matter of student loans, their fight to save their own jobs is delaying the process.  You would think they disagree on the matter.  The fact is, they don’t!  Both political parties agree that the student rate for loans should remain at 3.4 percent.  So what’s the problem? Starting July 1st, 2012, rates will climb to 6.8 percent during the worst recession in history!  Instead of working together to resolve this problem and extend the lower rate which both parties say they want to do, they’re more worried about who will get the credit.  That’s right, they’re costing students millions of dollars in delays simply because they’re worried about who will get the credit.  Imagine if that happened at your job.  You’d be shown the door!  Maybe it’s about time we do the same to these politicians.

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