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Written By: admin - Jun• 21•11

or: Sloppy Thinking 1A
How is it that one of the biggest “oooooo”s in War Profiteer Michael Moore ‘s F***-911 is the purported financial connection between “BushCo” and the House of Saud and yet no one is even mentioning Kerry’s wife’s billions? Is it cuz it belongs to her? I have no idea about the pre-nup… But if she is anything, she is no fool — there *is* a pre-nup.
Kerry on his own is not a pauper. Hell, he was raised in the Kennedy circles to which entrance requirements are rather high.
And we hear not much of anything about Tereza Hinez’ refusal to disclose anything about her finances. Completely understandable, that. She was raised well off and knows that the value of stacks of cash is not the pretty baubles it buys but the independence. Also known as “wherewithall” [or "F.U. Cash"] wealth enables one to refuse to take crap from others. The greater the wealth, the greater the ability to do as one pleases and tell the world to take a flyin’ leap.
Reaching the 1 billion $$ mark widens the scope of people from whom one can decline to receive crap to, well, just about everyone. Niiice. And Kerry is married to that capability. And we, his “presumptive constituents” have no clue in what areas that heavy-weight wealth is invested — in what direction it is aimed.
And what do we hear? *sound of crickets*
Will the GOP ask?

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