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Hold That Line, Hey!

Written By: admin - Jun• 21•11

do you let random things fall into your mouth?
One of the most consistent indicators of sanity, other than a firm grasp of the obvious, is clear boundaries. When one loses the sense of where they begin and someone else ends, when someone starts “feeling another’s pain” instead of empathizing with it, when someone starts making life choices based on someone else’s needs and wants*, when someone else’s opinion becomes more important or more valued than one’s own, one has started down that slippery slope to mushy boundaries and giving up control of her own life. Aside from being a massively uncomfortable way to live, and not working very well in terms of being able to take care of one’s own business, and annoying the other person[s], it is the first step in giving up control and integrity [or "wholeness".]
[*as differentiated from doing someone a favor or a good turn or taking a loved one's desires into consideration]
Integrity, being defined as a close match between one’s principles and one’s actions and choices, is the first casualty. When integrity goes, identity follows. As identity disintegrates, the person becomes fodder for predatory users — cult leaders, charismatic ‘political leaders,’ grifters and cons of all stripes.
That said, I’d like to mention that Ashraf Ahmed Abdallah, Egyptian citizen, was arrested at Miami International Airport on a Federal grand jury indictment of conspiracy to bring illegal aliens into the country.

Abdallah’s arrest arose from an investigation in which he allegedly was identified as the principal in an operation to smuggle aliens into the United States,[between June 2001 and October 2001] particularly citizens of Egypt and its neighboring countries, for commercial advantage and private financial gain. [not to mention blowing stuff up -C] Specifically, the Indictment alleges that Adballah and his associates would allegedly direct the migrants to travel to Brazil, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and other Latin American countries, and from there to Guatemala, the base of the smuggling operation.
According to the indictment, Abdallah would then stage the migrants in Guatemala and have them transported by his associatesthrough Mexico for illegal entry into the United States.

A Google-news search produces 3 [three] references to this arrest.


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