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Besides the laryngitis, I mean…

Written By: admin - Jun• 21•11

Updates on Life in The Country™
Went to talk to the duck-doc today about Larry and his broken leg. Apparently the leg is coming along fine and the duck-doc could find nothing to explain his enui. [Larry's, that is. The duck-doc's ennui is his own business.]

Maybe he’s just sick o’ bein’ sick — like me. He seems to *like* it when I hold him these past coupla days… Usta be that’s what I’d threaten ‘em with when they were being dicks — “Knock it off or I’m gonna hug you!” Now, I don’t know *how* I’m gonna make ‘em duck back in line…

So more rest is on the schedule. And digging up some woims to see if I can tempt his palate. His duck-buddy, Hunter, will not leave his side. Larry is convalescing in a large dog kennel on the porch and Hunter would be in there with him all day If I let him. I kick Hunter out in the am to have a little wash-up and wander about. He is right back at the door wanting in within the half-hour. Loyal, that little fella. When I carry Larry out to sun on the lawn, Hunter is quacking behind me or flying out in front, “Don’t you take my duck — Larry is *my* duck, you put him down!”

This afternoon, I’m making Hunter stay out of the kennel to see if Larry is poopin’ good — hard to tell with the two of ‘em in there. Hunter is sitting right outside the door looking in. A good, loyal friend. I’m proud to know him.


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