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Jobs that are Recession-Proof

Lately, everyone in the United States has been obsessed with the word recession; unfortunately, the media has added fuel to the fire by focusing more on fear and bad financial news. Negative viewpoints and opinions are highly contagious, and millions of television viewers are exposed to bad news on a daily basis, especially toxic news regarding recession and hopelessness.

The definition of recession means a period of “temporary economic decline” during a time when manufacturing activities and trade are declining. Typically, a recession is identified after a fall in GDP (gross domestic product) for two successive quarters or more. Sadly, our recession, which was supposed to have been temporary, has been lagging on for years! By contrast, on September 20, 2010, New York Times stated that “The recession has ended.” A year later, our employment figures and economic statistics are still somber and bleak.

Now, for the good news. Even though the recession is still looming, there are still jobs that are recession-proof. Jobs that are not easily outsourced to high-tech or manufacturing countries, such as India or China. In order to secure your future, focus on jobs that are not easily outsourced. The following are a list of jobs that are recession-proof:


As United States struggles to compete worldwide, the subjects, Math and Science, will always be an essential skill. Math and Science teachers will consistently be in demand, especially since these two subjects eventually lead into medicine, technology, etc.


During recent years, there’s been a focus on producing more efficient energy system in our nation. Also, due to an increase in population, there will be strong growth of energy consumption worldwide. In the future, there will be more government funding available for research and development of efficient energy system.

Health Care

As baby boomers are getting older and people are generally living longer, the demand for health care will not slow down anytime soon. Best of all, medical jobs are not typically outsourced since patients require hospice and medical care locally. Overall, health care is a rapidly growing industry, but it’s not just medical jobs that are needed; in addition, medical facilities need to fill administrative, clerical, and accounting jobs, as well.