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The Younger Generation is Bitter Towards Politics


During our modern times, the social media has become a phenomenal among our younger generation, and social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have made it easier for everyone to stay connected with their friends and classmates. Unfortunately, according to Internet studies and polls, the younger generation is spending enormous amount of time online, making it awkward and difficult to make friends in real life or in person. According to the surveys, the younger generation spends so much time on social media that most do not have enough time for their real life friends. Surprisingly, some youngsters spend an average of 4 hours a day on social media.


 Obama’s message of hope or nope?

To make things even worse, due to our economic woes and depressing job figures, most young adults have become disappointed and bitter towards politics, especially of President Obama and our politicians. Back in 2008, many college students and young eligible voters were excited about our presidential election. Obama’s message of hope has inspired many young voters to be optimistic about their future. The topics, education and health care, were the primary focus back then, and the young adults believed that we were on the road to financial recovery, and that the future will be a better place for the younger generation.


Credit rating from AAA to AA

Regrettably, since then, our congress has proven that they’re incompetent of balancing our budget or negotiating a deal, instead they rather bicker and finger point. Worse, recently, our public education budget has been downgraded from top priority to post-secondary education level. Also, congress’ debt deal put an end to subsidizing college loans for graduate students. Finally, economic crisis, such as S&P downgrading U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA, has negatively affected our younger generation.


As a result, millions of college students feel disappointed and bitter towards our politicians since college funding and financing will be more difficult for everyone. They feel helpless and frustrated since they trusted our lawmakers to keep their promise of making college education accessible for everyone, especially for the younger generation. Instead, the younger generation, is on Facebook or Twitter, feeling more lonely and isolated than ever.

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